Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bishop Curry: don't back down on commitments to gays and lesbians

The News and Observer is reporting comments by Bishop Michael Curry of North Carolina.
Episcopal bishops gather today in New Orleans to consider their response to leaders of the parent church who want them to back down from their commitment to gays and lesbians.
One North Carolina bishop will bring a clear message: Don't do it.

Bishop Michael B. Curry of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina has been listening to members of his diocese, many of whom say he should not bow to demands from the Anglican Communion that the American church stop ordaining openly gay bishops and blessing same-sex unions.

As one Episcopalian put it at a congregational meeting in Raleigh earlier this week, "We don't dictate to them how they should behave, they shouldn't dictate to us how we should behave."

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