Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bishop Bruno Reiterates Policy for Diocese of Los Angeles

A message from the Bishop of Los Angeles

Dear Clergy and Laity of the Diocese of Los Angeles,

In my last note to you regarding the recent State Supreme Court decision on same sex marriage, I noted that there are canonical, prayer book, and pastoral questions which are raised by the decision.

I continue to be in dialogue with the other bishops throughout California on these issues. In addition, I have established this past week a panel of advice comprised of 18 clergy and laity of the diocese to prayerfully join with me in addressing the effect of the Supreme Court's decision on our diocese and the ramifications pastorally, canonically and on our prayer book. Within the next few weeks this group will have its first meeting and I anticipate that we will meet for at least five two-hour sessions.

I stress that clergy of this diocese are expected to pastorally support all members of their congregations. I remind you that pastoral acts are personal decisions between clergy and members of their congregations. Thank you for your prayers and the care you provide to all God's people.

Yours in Christ,
J. Jon Bruno
Bishop of Los Angeles

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