Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Diocese of New Hampshire Introduces Their Bishop

The video below was shown during "A Conversation With Bishop Gene Robinson"--a fringe event hosted last night by the bishops of Province I for other bishops and their spouses...



Robert said...

On nice thing about being on the fringe is that you are where Jesus is. In the Gospels it seems to me that Jesus spent most of his time in the fringes.

Leonardo Ricardo said...

Well that's it...he's prepared to "say who he is" and "stand with them as they work their way through the difficult issues."

Excellent, and you can find him at The Lambeth Conference Market Place I'm told...because, dear Anglican Bishops you are NOT standing "with him" you are talking about him while he is STANDING alone.

Jad221 said...

What a wonderful video! A special thanks for those who spent the time creating it. And a special thanks for Bishop Robinsons' life as a Gay Man of G-d. I am proud to be called an Episcopalian.

John Albert Dickert
Cincinnati, Ohio