Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Prayers for Bobby" to Premiere on Lifetime - Jan 24th

On January 24th, Lifetime will air Prayers For Bobby, the true story of Bobby Griffith, the teenage gay boy who committed suicide because of his mother's religious intolerance. The movie is based on Leroy Aaron's best-selling 1998 book Prayers for Bobby: A Mother's Coming to Terms with the Suicide of Her Gay Son.

In "Prayers for Bobby," Mary Griffith is a devout Christian who raises her children with the conservative teachings of the Presbyterian Church. However, when her son Bobby confides to his older brother he may be gay, life changes for the entire family after Mary learns about his secret. While Bobby's father and siblings slowly come to terms with his homosexuality, Mary believes God can cure him of what she considers his 'sin' and persuades Bobby to pray harder and seek solace in church activities in hopes of changing him. Desperate for his mother's approval, Bobby does what is asked of him, but through it all, the church's apparent disapproval of homosexuality causes him to grow increasingly withdrawn and depressed. Guilty over the pain he is causing Mary, Bobby moves away, yet hopes that some day his mother will accept him. His subsequent depression and self-loathing intensifies as he blames himself for not being the 'perfect' son and is driven to suicide. Faced with their tragedy, Mary begins to question her faith when she receives no answers from her pastor concerning her devastating loss. Through her long and emotional journey, Mary slowly reaches out to the gay community and discovers unexpected support from a very unlikely source. The film is based on the 1995 Leroy Aarons book of the same name. (Source: IMDB)

Stars Sigourney Weaver as Mary Griffith. More from on movie from Lifetime here.

You can view the trailer here or below:


padretom said...

I read this book shortly after I came out of the closet and after I had a suicide attempt. I connected strongly with this story because of my strong religious upbringing. I hope that all have the opportunity to view this movie. God's blessings, Thomas+

Joan Price said...

I read this book when it first came out in 1996, then I re-read it a few months ago. It's just as powerful and relevant now as when it was first published. I'm so happy that Lifetime has made it into a movie that will introduce a new generation of teens and parents to this moving story.

I hope you'll look at the new website of Leroy Aarons and Prayers for Bobby at

I wrote about the book and movie in more detail at

Sue said...

This movie made a mockery of Christianity. I found it outrageous.
Jesus came to set the captive free not for him to remain in bondage. Homosexuality is a bondage not freedom.
To call homosexuals "gay" in itself is a lie.
I love my daughter but I don't accept her homosexual behavior.
I wouldn't compromise God Word to please another human being. The Word of God is truth and that is what will set us free.

Anonymous said...

what you said is exactly the point of this amazing book and terrific movie. Its about the ignorance of people who don't accept what they don't understand, or what is different to them.
"There is nothing wrong with holding strong opinions, but they should, for the most part, be held weakly. We should be prepared to abandon or modify our dearest tenets if the logic and human feelings do not truly sustain them"