Friday, July 16, 2010

Integrity Proud Parish Partner Honored at San Diego Pride Festival

Integrity Proud Parish Partner in San Diego, St. Paul’s Cathedral,  named recipient of the Stonewall Service Award in 2010 San Diego Pride Festival

Since hosting the first national convention on the West Coast in the early 1980s and calling for LGBT rights within the Episcopal Church, St. Paul’s Cathedral in the Bankers Hill area of San Diego has visibly campaigned against Proposition 8, and deployed its priests and clergy to go door to door in spreading a message of equality. It has also openly denounced hate crimes and false claims made by leaders of the ex-gay movement in their attempts to turn LGBT individuals straight.

The cathedral serves as a beacon for tolerance, welcoming people of every faith regardless of their sexuality. The cathedral also recently hosted the first “Believe Out Loud” workshop for Province IX and led the Bishop Christopher Senyonjo tour of the USA and Ireland.

 The Award will be presented to the cathedral on Friday 16th July at the opening of the Festival in Balboa Park.

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Bugs said...

Yet the Bishop of the Diocese of San Diego refuses to allow same sex blessings in any of his parishes