Thursday, October 20, 2011

$35 in gratitude for 35 years

$35.00 for 35 years…

35 years ago at its 65th General Convention the Episcopal Church adopted a ground-breaking resolution affirming that “homosexual persons are children of God who have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon love, acceptance and pastoral concern and care of the Church."

This resolution provided the foundation for 35 years of progress for LGBT Episcopalians including:

• inclusion of sexual orientation in the non-discrimination canons in 1994

• movement forward on the blessing of same-sex relationships in 2000 & 2003

• consent to the elections of Bishop Robinson in 2003 and Bishop Glasspool in 2010

Just two years after its 1974 founding Integrity helped the Church wake up to the need to open its doors and its sacraments to all of God’s beloved – and 35 years later we are still at it! Your gift of $35 in gratitude for 35 years of commitment to change can help us finally make that 1976 resolution a reality. Donate now.
That was then…This is now!

In 1976 Integrity challenged the 65th General Convention to address the full and equal claim of homosexual persons – and in 2012 Integrity will partner with TransEpiscopal to challenge the 77th General Convention to address the full and equal claim of transgender persons.

"Out of the Box: The Gender Continuum" – another in the award winning Voices of Witness DVD series -- will put the “T” in LGBT by celebrating the work and witness of the transgender community. We will meet the challenge of educating deputies and bishops on what it means to be transgender and why it is important for our canons to specifically include gender identity and gender expression. The DVD will be distributed – along with a study guide -- to all Bishops and Deputies prior to GC-2012.

And your $35 gift in thanksgiving for 35 years of activism will help make it happen. Donate now.

As God has blessed us, we are turning our gratitude into passion for even more justice. Together we can finish the work of claiming the church’s blessing for same-sex unions as we stand in new and powerful ways with our transgender sisters and brothers. Help Integrity continue to make history. Make your $35 donation now.

Thank you for your support,

Caro Hall
President of Integrity

PS Your $35 gift for 35 years today will be matched by our generous colleagues at the Arcus Foundation. Please give all you can and our partners will see to it that your gift is multiplied!

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