Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Attention Integrity Members: Time for Action on Behalf of Blessings!

Call to Action: Urge your deputies to take part in the C056 Forum

The Deputy Online Forum on C-056 -  has begun. It would be a shame if deputies only hear from the person whose comments thus far are all about “natural law”. We need to create a buzz that blessings are the next great thing for the Church. Please contact your deputies and ask them to read the white paper from the Standing Commission on Music and Liturgy and to comment favorably on the forum.

These are the suggested discussion questions for the forum. Here are a few:

In what ways do the theological principles summarized in the white paper (first bullet on
page1) describe your experience of lifelong monogamous relationship (your own or
someone else’s)? How do or might they help the Church consider the monogamous,
lifelong, covenantal relationships of same-gender couples?

How well do the report and resolutions as outlined in the white paper respond to the
current pastoral realities and needs of your diocese?

How might the General Convention continue to honor the historic and dynamic Anglican
tradition of the Episcopal Church as it receives and acts on the resources for blessing
same-gender relationships that the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music has

How might this work advance the mission of the Episcopal Church?

How might the Episcopal Church continue to be in dialogue with other provinces of the
Anglican Communion as we make decisions about blessing same-gender relationships?

Again, ask your deputies to speak out for blessings! Those of you who are not deputies or first alternates can view the conversation, but not post, at http://houseofdeputies.org/deputy-online-forum/.

Please let us know you have contacted your deputies and what their responses are. Email Brent Cox at brent@integrityusa.org.


Rev. Harry Knox
Interim Executive Director
Integrity USA

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