Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Integrity Responds to Obama Support of Gay Marriage

"Today a sitting President of the United States said he believes lesbian and gay couples should be allowed to marry. That makes this a very, very good day. What Louie Crew and Ernest Clay began to model on behalf of gay and lesbian Episcopalians when Integrity was formed in 1974, was finally endorsed by the leader of the free world 38 years later. President Obama spoke in powerful personal terms about the witness of his own gay friends, staff, and the parents of his daughter’s friends when he spoke of why he has changed his mind and turned even further toward justice. Beloveds, we LGBT folk and our allies taught him to do that. Our struggle is not over, but today is a very good day". Interim Executive Director,  Rev. Harry Knox

"The President's change of heart will come as no surprise to Integrity members who have seen miracles of transformation as those close to us and in the wider Church have had their hearts and minds touched by the Holy spirit working through LGBT people and our allies".- Integrity President, The Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall

"I am deeply grateful to President Obama for his vocal support of marriage equality.  This growth and forward movement in his thinking is particularly heartening after the unsurprising, but disappointing vote yesterday for continued discrimination in North Carolina.  Integrity remains committed to realizing full marriage equality both in our church and in the wider society, and we are happy to welcome the President's support.  While some churches and local governments are holding fast to socially irrelevant and outdated political positions, we are proud to lift up the Episcopal Church as a growing beacon of hope for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people of faith and our allies".- Integrity Vice President The Rev. Jon M. Richardson


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