Sunday, March 24, 2013

Focusing on Marriage Equality This Holy Week

Integrity is partnering with Believe Out Loud and United for Marriage in sponsoring a national effort called "Light the Way to Justice" to gain focus on marriage equality as the Supreme Court considers two cases which could dramatically affect policy and discourse in the days ahead.

The Rev. Vicki Flippin, Pastor of the Church of the Village (UMC) in New York, tells the story of Edith and Thea, a lesbian couple of over 40 years who were married in Canada. A short time later, Thea died.  Edith was saddled with an inheritance tax bill of over $300,000, which she would not owe if their marriage was legally recognized. Her case will be heard by the Supreme Court this week, and the outcome could have a dramatic outcome for the Defense of Marriage Act.  

The epicenter of this movement is, appropriately, in Washington DC.  On March 26th and 27th, a rally will take place on the steps of the Supreme Court building.  There will be opportunities to dialogue with elected officials, an interfaith prayer service on Tuesday morning and a seder on Tuesday night. More details are here.

For those unable to travel, United for Marriage has an interactive map where you can find or plan your own event across the country. 

Mary Button's LGBT Stations of the Cross
Believe Out Loud has brought the artwork series Stations of the Cross: The Struggle for LGBT Equality by Mary Button to Washington, which will be on display at the Church of the Reformation (ELCA), 212 East Capitol St.

Mary Button has given her permission for individuals or groups to use her work as a reflective or worship tool; please attribute her work if you use it.  A traditional or LGBT-perspective service of stations may be used.

Pastor Flippin, who will an interfaith rally in New York on Tuesday,  makes the case that this Holy Week, communities of faith should take a look at how we have contributed to the laws that affected Edith and Thea's life so profoundly.  She writes, "I pray that we will follow in Christ's footsteps to overturn what is wrong in our temples and work for the true and historic meaning of the Passover festival, which is LIBERATION!"

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In Casper today, just over 50 people gathered in 22-degree weather to hold signs, wave at passing cars and conduct media interviews as part of "Wyoming Lights the Way to Justice." Participants were thrilled by the positive response from folks driving by. The honks & waves were constant, with NO negative responses. Times are a-changin' in Wyoming! Both statewide newscasts led their evening shows with lengthy stories about the rally and the upcoming SCOTUS hearings.

[One of the key organizers of the Marriage Equality rally was Integrity's Province 6 coordinator.]

Here's a link to some of today's photos: