Friday, May 23, 2014

Integrity Houston invites you to be a HERO

Integrity Houston invites you to be a HERO on May 27th and May 28th at Houston City Hall.

As many of you know, the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) has been put off until May 28th.

There will be a prayer vigil on the steps of Houston City Hall on Tuesday May 27th at 7PM. We need everyone to show up and prove to the WORLD that Houston believes in FULL EQUALITY.

On Wednesday, May 28th, the day will start off with a public hearing in the morning. When everyone has been given their one minute to speak, council will debate and vote on the ordinance (likely late in the day or evening).

It is crucial that we let our voices be heard even before city council convenes. Please be a HERO and call and/or email city council members and let them know that you support the Equal Rights Ordinance.

What started as a local issue has now escalated into a struggle for our very right to exist. Our opponents began this escalation by publicly stating that no woman or child will ever be safe in a restroom again. At the same time, they began busing in protesters and have quickly spread their message of lies and fears to even wider audiences.

We need every friend and ally in the country to begin weighing in on this struggle. Even if you do not live in Houston, let Houston City Hall know what this represents to the outside world. Our biggest fear is that even if we win at city hall our opponents will take it to a referendum vote -- a very costly and nasty referendum vote to be sure.

Let us do this for our sake. Let us do this for those too afraid to speak out. Let us do this for the sake of every closeted young person who is struggling EVERY SINGLE DAY and let us do this so that every LGBT child can grow up in the security of a loving and supportive city.


  • District A Brenda Stardig 832-393-3010
  • District B Jerry Davis 832-393-3009
  • District C Ellen Cohen 832-393-3004
  • District D Dwight Boykins 832-393-3001
  • District E Dave Martin 832-393-3008
  • District F Richard Nguyen 832-393-3002
  • District G Oliver Pennington 832-393-3007
  • District H Ed Gonzalez 832-393-3003
  • District I Robert Gallegos 832-393-3011
  • District J Mike Laster 832-393-3015
  • District K Larry Green 832-393-3016
  • At Large 1 Stephen C. Costello 832-393-3014
  • At Large 2 David Robinson 832-393-3013
  • At Large 3 Michael Kubosh 832-393-3005
  • At Large 4 C. O. "Brad" Bradford 832-393-3012
  • At Large 5 Jack Christie 832-393-3006
  • Mayor Annise D. Parker 713-837-0311

S Wayne Mathis serves as the Provincial Coordinator of Province VII.

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