Friday, October 3, 2014

Special Election for President of the Board of Directors

A special election for the office of President of the Board of Directors for Integrity USA will be held 8am EDT Monday October 6 - 11pm EDT Wednesday October 8. This position as President of the Board of Directors will serve out the current term, which concludes on October 1, 2015. All eligible to vote in this special election, as described in the bylaws, will be contacted directly on how to vote.

As described in Integrity's Bylaws, Chapter 3, Article 1, Section 1, members of the Stakeholders’ Council with seat, voice, and vote are eligible to participate in the special election. These include:

  • Chapter Conveners (chapter must be active and up-to-date with requirements)
  • Diocesan Organizers
  • Congregational Circle Moderators (up-to-date with requirements)
  • Partner Representatives (P2 Organizational Partners & P3 Congregational Partners) (up-to-date with requirements)
  • Lifetime Members
If you are eligible to vote, you will shortly receive an email with a link to vote for the candidate of your choice. Each voter receives one vote.

The two candidates offered to serve and have shared their statements to the voters. Clicking on the candidate name will take you to their statement.
We thank the candidates for their prayerful consideration. We especially thank you for supporting Integrity USA in its efforts to advise, guide, and inspire the hearts and minds of our church. Our first 40 years has seen tremendous changes; our next 40 years will build upon our rich history.

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