Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Canon Anderson connects the dots

Canon (and Nigerian Bishop-Elect) David Anderson speaks of New Orleans at
The real test for the orthodox in TEC is to NOT be pulled into a Vichy-type collaborationist relationship with a regime of corrupted faith and theology.


cp said...

Wow. Continue dialogue with TEC and you're now... a Nazi collaborator. I'm not stretching what he said am I?


Rick D said...

What a strange essay. Note that collaboration, which is and should be a goal for many in the Episcopal church as we work hard to listen, learn and live together, is used here as an epithet.

Stranger still is a subsequent sentence:

As important as sexual morality is in the discipline of Christian living, it is secondary to the person of Jesus and the authority of God’s Word, and all three are important in the orthodox journey of faith

I suspect most of us "in the pews" would agree with this statement, with or without the word "orthodox", and that it applies to our Christian lives without regard to sexual orientation. One wonders how the weather is on planet AAC.