Monday, October 15, 2007

Philly Missioner: GLBT Episcopalians 'sold down the river'


....We feel we have been sold down the river for the sake of Anglican unity. The bishops pledge once again to "listen" to the stories of gay and lesbian Christians. But since this was called for in 1998, nobody has paid much attention. Who gets to listen? We the GLBT Episcopalians do. We are told constantly to be patient and not to expect much, while the conservative voices are heard everywhere.

GLBT people are disappointed. Being forced into the depths of the closet by our own church is unacceptable....

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laredo said...

Even the listening was often done so that it could be claimed that listening actually occured. My personal reading of the New Orleans resolution is that it reflects bad faith on the part of the House of Bishops. With it went the moral authority they had gained earlier.

Kathy said...

And, if we have been sold down the river, then we must become the captain of our ship. We must lead. We must become the image of Christ for all to see and turn the other check to the Bishops. We must forgive them of their tresspasses and realize that they too are human. We must show them through our acts how Christ loved others.