Monday, May 5, 2008

+Gene Robinson on PBS's "Religion & Ethics Weekly"

In a feature that aired this weekend on PBS, +Gene Robinson was interviews by Kim Lawton about the Anglican Communion in general and his plans for both his upcoming civil union and Lambeth Conference in particular.

Click here for a link to both the transcript and a video of the interview, which concluded with this exchange:


LAWTON: Robinson says he's discouraged by the divisions and what he sees as a lack of listening across the Communion. But in his new book, IN THE EYE OF THE STORM, he writes of the spiritual lessons he has learned amid the controversy.

Bishop ROBINSON: I don't remember a time in my life when God seemed any more present, almost palpably close. Prayer has almost seemed redundant to me because God has seemed so close during all of this. It will surprise both conservatives and liberals how orthodox I am.

LAWTON: But determining what actually defines Anglican orthodoxy will be a major point of debate at Lambeth and well beyond.

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I reader just put us onto another interview ... +Gene on the NPR radio "Diane Rehm Show" ...