Thursday, July 10, 2008

Susan & Davis Make Top 50 List!

The 50 most influential figures in the Anglican Church
By Jonathan Wynne-Jones
The Telegraph

With the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Communion’s landmark summit, beginning next week, The Sunday Telegraph has compiled the Lambeth Power List, a countdown of the most influential figures in the worldwide Church...

34 Susan Russell - Integrity, USA
Always in the eye of the storm, Susan Russell, a lesbian priest, is the consummately professional spin doctor for the gay rights organisation, Integrity. As an associate cleric at the leading liberal church All Saints, Pasadena, she is pressing ahead with gay marriages after the Californian Supreme Court decision to legalise them.

42 Davis Mac-Iyalla - Changing Attitude, Nigeria
One of the few black Anglican gay activists, Davis Mac-Iyalla, has endured death threats and attacks since he founded Changing Attitude Nigeria in 2005. He now lives in exile in Togo but remains the most visible critic of the anti-gay Nigerian leadership. Originally accused by Archbishop Peter Akinola of being a con-man, he has shrugged off these claims and is to be found campaigning at Synods, Bishops’ meetings and will be present at this month’s Lambeth Conference.

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