Monday, November 17, 2008

Texas Faith: Can we reach a middle ground between religious liberty and gay civil rights on marriage?

Dallas Morning News

Texas Faith is a weekly discussion that poses questions about religion, politics and culture to a panel of religious leaders.

This week's question: "Is a compromise between religious liberty and gay civil rights regarding marriage possible – and if not, which of the two is more important?"

Here are excerpts from some of this week's answers:


Katie Sherrod, Fort Worth writer/producer, Episcopal Church activist: "I think this question poses a false dichotomy between rights and liberty. One of my friends in California wrote this: 'As a priest in the Episcopal Church – but to speak more broadly than that, as an Episcopalian, as a Christian, and as a person of faith – I have taken a vow to respect the dignity of every human being. The intention of that vow, made in faith, is mirrored in the civic realm by our constitutions – in this case, the state Constitution. Constitutions exist to protect the dignity of all our citizens, not to take away that dignity or deny the rights of our citizens. Proposition 8, crafted to take away the rights of our citizens, is mean-spirited, fear-based, and wrong-headed.' "

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