Friday, July 10, 2009

Integrity Eucharist with Three Historic Firsts

The Integrity Eucharist at 7:30 this evening in the Pacific Ballroom of the Anaheim Hilton will be celebrated by the first openly gay bishop Gene Robinson and addressed by the first woman bishop, Barbara Harris. It is also the first time that the Eucharist has been in an official Convention hotel. The fabulous choir of All Saints Pasadena will lead the music.

If you’re in Anaheim it’s the place to be. Come early to get a good seat (seating in the round). Clergy are invited to wear stoles.

During the prayers of the people, there will be three opportunities to pray God's blessing particularly on these members of our community:
  1. Lay Leaders in the struggle for LGBT equality
  2. Couples (married/covenanted/committed/blessed)
  3. Clergy* whose "manner of life" B033 would exclude from the episcopate.
If you are a member if one of these groups, please come forward when called.
*Please wear stoles if you have them, red--or rainbow!

Also up today, more discussion on B033 in the HOD, and a chance that B012 might make it to the House of Bishops.

Stay tuned as the day goes along. Follow us on twitter @integrityusa and join the Facebook fan page for up to the minute news. And if you have not watched it yet--make time in your day for IntegriTV.

1 comment:

cp said...

Susan, that was a WONDERFUL service, a very moving celebration. I really hope the DVD comes out as well as I think it will, as it will really touch some hearts.

When the pianist modulated into Jesus Loves Me, people joined in and sang "the Bible tells me so", I ABSOLUTELY lost it.

Thank you and all that did so well putting it together. What a blessing to all of us there, and all that will hopefully see it soon.