Monday, March 28, 2011

Integrity Province Coordinators Map Out Strategy for 2011 and 2012

By Max Niedzwiecki

Five Integrity Provincial Coordinators (Chap James Day, Lauren Gough, John-Albert Mosley, Dean Donovan and Matt Haines) met with Integrity's Executive Director Max Niedzwiecki and Vice President of Local Affairs Neil Houghton in New Orleans last weekend. High on the meeting agenda was to firm up plans for the BOL and media trainings throughout the Church as well as look at various other programs and opportunities Integrity will offer across the country through the summer of 2012.

Integrity's continued work on the national level of the Episcopal Church is crucial: rites and resources for blessing unions, more LGBT ordinations to every office of ministry and a radical welcome for transgender people into the Body of Christ. We will work to oppose the Anglican Covenant and continue to proclaim that all people deserve full civil rights, no matter where they might live or whom they might love.

Provincial Coordinators in New Orleans, March 2011
Top Row (L-R): Dean Donovan (Province III), Matt Haines (Province VIII)

Bottom Row (L-R): Chap James Day (Province II),
John-Albert Moseley (Province I), the Rev. Lauren Gough (Province VII)
At the same time, Integrity is equally committed to bringing the national victories of GC09 to every parish and diocese. That goal was also the focus of the meeting in New Orleans We spent most of our time strategizing ways to integrate Integrity’s network of about 2,000 active individual members, 500 churches, and 60 chapters. Our mission is for the motto, “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You,” to really mean ALL.

Here are just a few of the events and programs we are planning to focus specifically on helping Integrity members in their local communities:

  • Integrity’s first National Convention in several years. Stay tuned for more information to come.
  • At least sixteen Integrity Believe Out Loud Trainings, to resource members and friends to be provocative witnesses in parishes and dioceses and to gracefully engage those across the divide.
  • At least eight media trainings will equip attendees to speak out, to share personal stories in ways that move hearts and minds, and work with the media more effectively.
  • Sixteen financial "mini-grants" will be given away to support the work of chapters, Proud Partners (P2s) and Proud Parish Partners (P3s) as they proclaim our gospel imperative to settle for nothing less than all the sacraments for all the baptized.
  • Rebuilding our website and adding much more new content and resource materials.
  • Growing our network of Diocesan Organizers who coordinate Integrity's vision and mission at the diocesan level.
  • Providing individualized mentoring by Integrity's Legislative Task Force on diocesan resolutions, by our media strategist on communications, by past and present chapter leaders on how to grow our organization, by our past leadership and our allies, especially straight allies on how to move parishes forward on our issues.
  • Louie Crew’s Legacy Tour across the country which will provide hundreds with the opportunity to meet and great him in person and be inspired by his wit and wisdom.

To find out more about Provincial Coordinators and which province you live in, follow this link .

There are openings for leadership in Integrity. If you are interested in learning more about the vacant Provincial Coordinator and Diocesan Organizer positions, email Neil Houghton, Vice President for Local Affairs, at

Keep watching Walking with Integrity for updates on trainings and other opportunities.

Many thanks to Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, and Integrity/New Orleans for hosting this meeting.

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