Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Integrity USA Announces Change in Leadership Team

"All things must change to something new" --   Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

John Clinton Bradley, Administrator of Integrity USA, has announced his intention to leave the Integrity organization to resume his career as an Instructional Designer, a move he has looked forward to making for a long time.

John's master’s degree in instructional design from Florida State University equipped him to work as an Instructional Designer for over a decade before becoming a full-time employee of Integrity USA. His new job will be as an Instructional Designer II with Element K, a global training company based in Rochester NY. He will be developing online and traditional courseware for their customers.

"John's tireless commitment and contributions to Integrity have served invaluable over the years", said Max Niedzwiecki, Integrity's Executive Director. "Our strength as an organization and our witness for justice in the Church and beyond are a result of his very hard work and tremendous spiritual depth. We wish John the best in this new phase of his career."

John began his tenure with Integrity USA when he was elected Co-Convener of Integrity Washington in 1994. In 1997 became the chapter's Director of Communications. In the same year he served as Lead Information Technology Volunteer for Integrity USA’s Nerve Center during General Convention. In 1999, John was elected Southeast Regional Vice President of Integrity USA. In 2000 he served again as captain of Integrity USA’s Nerve Center team at General Convention.

After doing such a magnificent job, John was re-elected Southeast Regional Vice President of Integrity USA and went on to serve again as Captain of Integrity USA’s Nerve Center team at General Convention in 2003. He was also appointed Director of Communications for Integrity USA that same year. This was the year Bishop Gene Robinson was elected and communications were tantamount to Integrity's success at helping get consents for that election.

After many years as a very active volunteer, in 2005, John was hired as an independent contractor by Integrity USA to oversee membership and bookkeeping. In 2006, John was hired as General Convention Project Manager [a contract position] by Integrity USA and served valiantly yet another time, as captain of Integrity USA’s Nerve Center team at General Convention.

And, the story doesn't end there. In 2007, John was hired as full-time Administrator of Integrity USA. In 2008, he traveled to Canterbury, England, as Integrity USA’s Communications Centre co-manager during the Lambeth Conference . It was there that Integrity USA proved a tremendous witness for the LGBT faithful to all the bishops of the entire Anglican Communion. In the same year John was promoted to Acting Executive Director of Integrity USA—supervising a full-time Development Coordinator, half-time Field Organizer, and half-time General Convention Project Manager.

Integrity could not even think about General Convention 2009 without asking John to more time..... as co-captain of Integrity USA’s Nerve Center team at General Convention. 2009 proved to be one of Integrity's most successful General Convention presences with a historic Communication presence, a historic Integrity Eucharist and historic legislation voted in.

John then served as Acting Executive Director of Integrity USA until Max Niedzwiecki was hired in July of 2010 and John returned to his former role as Administrator of Integrity USA.

John will be leaving Integrity USA effective March 15, 2010. “Integrity has been a very important part of my life for the past 2 decades—and will continue to be in the future," he said. "It’s been a privilege to be an employee of an organization I love during a period of unprecedented growth and intensive programming. I rejoice that Integrity has advanced to the next level of organizational maturity during my tenure. I give thanks for the accomplishments our ministry has achieved during that time. I’ll continue to pray and work for the fulfillment of Integrity’s goal—all the sacraments for all the baptized—as a member and volunteer.”

It is a breathtaking resume of service, work and devotion to the cause that John Clinton Bradley leaves behind. Each and every one of us in this organization who have had the privilege to serve with him, or to know him, can never thank him enough for his good work. If you'd like to join us in wishing John well, please post a comment on this blog or send an email directly to It will mean a lot to him as he moves on.



I have said on more than one occasion if John Clinton Bradley was in charge of the world there would be peace in the Middle East and we wouldn't have to worry about Climate Change. When the history of this movement is written, JCB will have a whole chapter ... and in the meantime he has our love, appreciation and prayers as he moves "gaily forward" into God's future.

Thomas Squiers said...

John provided guidance and all of the paperwork necessary when Integrity Fort Worth went through the re-organizational structuring a few years ago. John is a fearless leader in various aspects and has proven to wear many hats when the time warrants it (and then some). John's love and loyalty to the Church and full inclusion of all of the baptized is apparent in his overall demeanor. He lives the example of Christ in his life by reinforcing the message of the inclusivity for all. John, you will be missed and it will be a tough job filling your shoes.

Br. Thomas Squiers, CSB, BOSM
(Former Chaplain & Co-Convener Integrity FW)

In His Great Love! said...

Congratulations on both your past & present jobs, as well as your new one, John!

God bless you & your family!

In His Great Love!

Melanee Lisa Davidson

Cameron Partridge said...

John, thank you so much for all you have done in your many roles in Integrity, and for being so supportive of me and of TransEpiscopal as we have waded into the Anglican waters these last several years. Blessings and peace!


Neil Houghton said...

John's steadfast devotion to the inclusion of all the baptized in in all the sacraments has raised a standard to which the rest of of us can only hope to approach. He will be sorely missed in the leadership of Integrity but his legacy has been soundly established. He has been "Heaven's Blessing" to Integrity... and we know where he lives.

Integrity Austin said...

John - you are a wonderful man and were a great and graceful peer during my time with Integrity. Godspeed to you in your future endeavors both in Integrity and in the wider world!


jerry said...

John is a true spiritual warrior who has inspired me over and over again. Thank you John for giving so much for so many. jerry anderson

Philip Lowe, Jr. said...

Thank you John for all you have done. It was a pleasure to work with you for Creating Change 2011. I am sure your future will hold many great things.

God be with you.

janinsanfran said...

Thank you John for all you give!

bplowe said...

John, I wish you all the best, but Integrity will miss you and definitely not be the same. You've been the mainstay of my interaction with the national organization, always quick to reply to an e-mail query or to offer a calm, cogent explanation for why something is happening the way it is. You have been a faithful and stellar ambassador and a committed supported of equality for many years. I know you have many more ahead of you. May the peace of our Lord be with you.
Ben Lowe of Integrity-Palm Beach