Thursday, August 4, 2011

Integrity and NGLTF: Our Faith Demands Marriage Equality

Do you think it's about time this country had full marriage equality?

We all know that many of our opponents - the folks who are against marriage for all – use religious language when they argue against us. Now it's time for more of us to tell the world that the Holy Bible and our loving God require nothing less than full equality for all people.

Integrity USA is joining with our partners at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Institute for Welcoming Resources, and colleague groups in other denominations to say that we need to support and defend marriage - for everyone. Over the coming months we'll be reaching out to many of you to see if your parish or chapter would like to become a part of this effort, or if you personally would consider taking leadership in it.

But don't wait for us to come to you! Contact us at, or our colleagues below, and let us know you're interested.

Max Niedzwiecki, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Integrity USA


Greetings Integrity members! We are so excited to share the Faith Partners Organizing Project with you. This project will join with people to close the gap between how political justice organizers or campaigners do justice work and how people of faith do justice work and how both resonate with their outcomes whether in campaigns for LGBT liberation or outside of campaigns. Looking at core differences has the power to make us whole and work as one.

We are looking for more partners from welcoming and affirming congregations across the country, and especially in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina and Oregon. Together, we will be experimenting with new ways that political justice campaigns and faith communities can grow together through faithful social and political engagement. With your participation, we can build networks of faith justice partners from inclusive churches who are working with political justice campaigns to better the lives of LGBT people in their congregations and beyond walls of the church.

Along with Integrity leaders, we’ll be contacting you to talk to you more about our project, and to ask you to participate with us. Please reach out to us with your interests as well. We look forward to learning from and creating with you.

Orelia Busch: 202-639-6306;
Kathleen Campisano: 202-639-6327;

Orelia Busch and Kathleen Campisano work with the Institute for Welcoming Resources at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force . Currently, they are working closely with Integrity and other programs that support LGBT-inclusive congregations as part of the Faith Partners Organizing Project.

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