Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stories from the Pews: Integrity Proud Parish Wins Pride Float Award

A letter From William Weightman
St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Frago, ND

Hi Integrity! Just wanted to update you on one of your parishes!

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Fargo, ND, took home the Judges Choice Award for Best Float in the 2011 Fargo Moorhead Pride Parade on Sunday, August 14! The prize included a trophy that will be displayed in the church.

St. Stephen's is an Integrity Proud Parish. The float had the theme of "Love: It's Natural" and was Noah's Ark, complete with animals that science has show to exhibit Homosexual Behavior.

Thanks again for being a great resource and we at St. Stephen's are proud to be an IntegrityUSA Parish!

William Weightman

Congrats to St. Stephen's for their great work!

If youy have a story from your parish that you would like to share, please send an email to tvprod@earthlink.net and we will post your story.

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