Friday, July 5, 2013

Two of 'Our' Young People Heading Abroad for Study, Missionary Work

Two young adults who have served as Integrity interns will be heading overseas in the months ahead.  Alan Yarborough, who graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Economics last month, is off to Haiti with the Young Adult Service Corps.  Jonathan York, a religion student at Duke University, is heading to Scotland in September to spend a semester at St. Andrew's University.

Alan Yarborough
Yarborough, who worked as an intern with us on various projects, also represented Integrity at this year's Creating Change conference in Atlanta.  He will be doing economic and leadership development work in the area around Cange, which has a special relationship with the Diocese of Upper South Carolina.  While at Clemson, Yarborough attended and worked as a campus ministry peer at Holy Trinity Church, which has been doing missionary work in Haiti for over four decades.

"Alan is a very bright, energetic and motivated young man who understands both prophetic ministry and servant ministry. He sees the world and the issues facing LGBT folks with new eyes that look for a vision of full equality in both our church and society," said  Province IV Coordinator Bruce Garner, with whom Yarborough worked at Creating Change. "He is very clear about who he is in the eyes of God and where he is being called to participate in God’s ministry on earth. Giving of himself and his talents is second nature to him. I see him in leadership positions in the church in the near future and hopefully the church will have the good sense to listen to his voice."

Jonathan York
York attended General Convention 2012 as part of the Young Adult Festival (about which he wrote here), and his eloquent testimony on several resolutions gained him national attention.  One woman, representing the opposing view on a particular issue, began her rebuttal by calling York "a credit to your school." He also served as an Integrity intern at Convention.  He hopes to study under the Right Rev. N. T. Wright, Ph.D., the former Bishop of Durham who is now Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at St. Andrew's.

"I was so impressed by Jonathan's courage and confidence as he spoke at General Convention hearings," said Integrity's President, the Rev. Dr. Caroline Hall. "He always spoke from his heart, and with passion. Jonathan is a great leader and I look forward to seeing how God uses and blesses him in the future."

In September of 2012, Yarborough and York both were among a leadership retreat in Pasadena, where we laid the plans for what became Integrity's new mission, vision and strategic plan for the future.

Both men will be blogging about their experiences.  You can follow Jonathan and Alan at their blogs. Integrity is very proud of them and hopes you will join us in praying for their endeavors.

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