Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Remembering Rev. Paul Woodrum

The following Facebook post was reprinted with the permission of Louie Crew Clay, founder of Integrity USA. He expressed his sadness about the death of The Rev. L. Paul Woodrum, a former board member of Integrity, and shared his fond memories of Paul and his husband of 37 years, Victor Challenor

"I am in shock learning that my friend Paul Woodrum+ died six days ago, of heart failure. He is survived by Victor Challenor, his husband of 37 years.
Paul was ordained deacon in June 1965, priest a year later. He paid dearly for his early openness, fired quite early when a bishop used the lew and spotted a photograph of a male nude. Paul never gave up on the church which so forcefully gave up on him. Paul spent all of his clerical ministry as a faithful, indefatigable priest, and when fired, was deployed to assignments that could offer only low stipends, serving persons of the greatest need.
To survive economically, he and Victor established Challwood, vestment makers sought by almost all bishops and other clergy from many denominations.
Paul was active in Integrity as soon as he learned of it. He served on the Integrity board in many different capacities. He was a splendid educator for those of us who did not know how to get things done using the formal instruments of governance. He drafted many of the resolutions that made their way to General Convention for almost five decades.
Paul was one of the most hospitable persons that I have ever met. He never gave guests a meal: it was always a feast.
Paul's memorial mass will be at the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Garden City, Long Island, NY on July 12th, time TBA. Paul is resting in peace, gussying up the heaven's vestments. Pray for his beloved Victor."


Kim Byham said...

Thank you Louie for your tribute to our dear friend, Paul. Your mention of Paul being fired by "a bishop" because he was gay (and he was not the only one so removed by "a bishop"} neatly sidestepped that "a bishop" was Jack Spong. Blessedly Jack repented of this but it did greatly impact Paul's life. His move to Manhattan brought him to the Church of the Intercession where he met his beloved Victor and I met them both. So man (or "a bishop") meant it for evil but God used it for good.

LouieCrew said...

Correction: The date and venue for the funeral have changed to:

Tuesday, June 12, 11 a.m. at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Manhattan.

-- Louie Clay