Friday, August 3, 2007

Archbishop Peter Akinola's Designs on the Church of England

The Church of England Newspaper (Aug 3rd 2007) carries a front page article written by Matthew Cresswell claiming that Archbishop Peter Akinola of Nigeria will ordain a bishop for an English jurisdiction before the Lambeth Conference next year.

The Revd Richard Kirker, Chief Executive of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM) made the following remarks today (3 August 2007).

"It would be perfectly consistent for Archbishop Akinola to start an English version of his Church, and while I am saddened by his divisive intentions there are some few who will find comfort under his brazenly homophobic creed."

"It has been clear for some time that under the guidance of Peter Jensen (the Archbishop of Sydney) the Nigerian Church has been distancing itself from the Church of England and particularly the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury. "

"Peter Akinola has made outspoken attacks on the Church of England’s policy towards Civil Partnership, he has removed any mention of the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury from his Church constitution and has recently announced his bishops will not be attending the Lambeth Conference next year."

"While Archbishop Akinola spreads his brand of religion to England the main concern of LGCM remains that the Church of England does not respond to this schism by increasing its own institutional homophobia – competing with him for the prize of who can be nastiest to gays!"

"Of course we would like the English Church to see that now is the time to stop its homophobic stance altogether, but life just isn’t that simple!" said Mr Kirker.

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MadPriest said...

Akinola will probably be wasting his time with this English venture. There isn't the free market in religion here that exists in America. If he decides to do so, Rowan Williams need only revoke the phony bishop's license and he'll have nowhere to celebrate other than hired rooms. He'll just get frozen out. The ultra-conservative, evangelical wing is very weak and small in the CofE and they are not going to give up the church buildings - they need them as a respectable base for their proselytising. The anglo-catholic party won't follow because they love the church buildings and most of their priests are closet gays. Above all, CS is already regarded as an upstart who knows not his place. In our (still) class-ridden and xenophobic society anybody trying to climb the ladder in a devious manner involving a foreign person is going to become an ecclesiastical and social outcast. Observe how they will deal with reporting this matter in "The Telegraph." You watch how the Establishment will deal this upstart. I have absolutely no love for the establishment but in this case I shall enjoy watching it devour its prey.