Monday, August 20, 2007

Ask Your Bishop To Hold The Line!

The House of Bishops’ next meeting is scheduled for New Orleans during September 19-25--just before the deadline specified in the primates' communiqué. The Archbishop of Canterbury has accepted an invitation to attend this meeting; undoubtedly Rowan Williams will try to persuade the bishops to comply with the communiqué.

It is absolutely essential that you contact your bishop before September 19th and encourage him or her to "hold the line" against the primates' unreasonable demands. Insist that there be no backsliding on full inclusion of the LGBT faithful. Write, e-mail, or call your bishop today! Click here to look up your bishop's contact information.

Talking Points

Why should the House of Bishops reject the demands made in the primate’s communiqué?

  • The primates' of the Anglican Communion do not have authority over the Episcopal Church.
  • The House of Bishops cannot set policy for the entire Episcopal Church. The Executive Council has already rejected the primates' ultimatum on behalf of the entire Episcopal Church.
  • The Episcopal Church cannot abandon its LGBT members for the sake of continued membership in the Anglican Communion. We can’t forsake justice to maintain unity.

Tips For Communicating Effectively With Your Bishops

  • Be respectful. Even if you dislike or disagree with your bishops, treat them with the courtesy due their office.
  • Do not make threats. Threatening to personally leave The Episcopal Church or withhold contributions is counterproductive.
  • Share your personal story. Tell your bishops how you or a family member would be affected by the moratoria.
  • Be brief. Bishops are busy people. A short, focused message will have more impact than a long, rambling one.

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