Thursday, February 14, 2008

Let California Ring

On this Valentines Day as we celebrate the gift of love let's also celebrate the Equality California folks for pointng us to this great website featuring the stories of those whose love falls short of the civil protections of and are denied equal access to both the rights and responsibilities of marriage.

I was moved by the stories I read and encourage you to read them ... but the one I want to share here is Liam's ... who writes:

This movement has never been about the freedom to marry for myself; I can marry the woman I love someday. I am, however, part of the queer community—my Mom and her partner Nellie have been my model for a healthy, committed relationship for 25 of my 26 years on this planet.

My Mom is from Oakland originally, but I grew up in British Columbia, and got involved with the movement for the freedom to marry in Seattle in 2004. I couldn’t stand the way the conversation was being played out in the media and by people around me, particularly in the way it related to families like mine. I heard people who were reluctant to support marriage for my parents, allude to me as damaged goods. Everywhere, I saw families like mine discussed as a hypothetical moral issue, not as real people who deserve respect and support.

Read the rest of Liam's story here, and:
  • give thanks for the witness of kids who "get it" ...
  • give thanks for mothers like his who are raising children with the family values of love and tolerance ...
  • and consider "bookmarking" Liam's story -- and the next time someone asks you, in regard to marriage equality, "But what about the children?"
Answer, "Good question! What about them? Let me introduce you to Liam ..."


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