Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Open Letter to the Powers That Be

Dear Bishop Jefferts Schori and President Anderson,

The following note came as a blog-comment to my post yesterday of the announcement of the March 29th special convention in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin. I want to share it with you and with others who have been working so long and hard to bring hope and new life to those committed to the mission and ministry of the Diocese of San Joaquin.

Stephen's is but one of many "voices in the wilderness" -- and I hope his witness will be an encouragement to you as you continue to move that diocese and this church into God's future.


"I knew things were working behind the scenes, but I did not have a hint of what was to come until last Sunday, then it was confirmed yesterday morning at our parish staff meeting, then again reading the ENS at midnight. I havebeen literally shaking with excitement ever since.

When I arrive in the Diocese of SJ 11 years ago, I had no idea what was going on here. How quickly one learns upon spending some time in the valley.Many of your readers have only heard of what's happened, but it's only the tip of the iceburg and it's quite unbelieveable and unimaginable. Having said that, tears of joy, excitement and anticipation are being shed as we approach this monumental transition in the diocese.

Right now, I am beyond words. I'm all emotions but will happily share more when the time comes. Your prayers are felt and we ask that you continue your prayers for us."

Stephen Bentley
Stockton CA


With thankgiving for your ministry,
(The Reverend) Susan Russell
President, Integrity USA
All Saints Church
132 North Euclid Avenue
Pasadena CA 91101

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