Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today Integrity USA stands with all those who mourn the brutal murder of Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado as we join in the call for an end to the hate motivated violence that targets LGBT people just for being who they are.

The Episcopal Church has been officially speaking out against hate crimes since 1988 when a resolution of our General Convention decried the increase of violence against homosexual persons.

Integrity stood with those who lobbied for the passage of the recent inclusive hate crime bill passed by Congress and signed by President Obama.

“Our God is one of love, acceptance and inclusion – and we trust that Jorge is now wrapped in God’s loving arms,” said Chap James Day, Integrity spokesperson [Astoria NY]. “We are called at bitter times as these to answer hate with love, violence with peace and despair with hope that out of such tragedy can come new levels of understanding.

"Our prayer is that the tragic loss of Jorge might melt hearts that have been hardened and open eyes that have been closed – and that we might ALL work together to end violence against any member of the human family.”

“May God's mercy be shown to those whose bigotry blinds them from seeing the unique beauty, dignity, and precious gift from God that is found in every human being.

“May Jorge rest in peace, rise in glory and may we all be inspired to work in his memory for a world that is closer to God's vision for us all as members of the same human family.”

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Louise Brooks, Communication Director

Integrity USA -- 626.993.4605

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