Monday, November 16, 2009

News from Integrity, Albany, New York

Albany Integrity , which  currently  comprises  the Congregational Circle at St Andrews Church in Albany, NY, recently met  for  its fall " meet and greet". In attendance were  members  from several other  parishes in the  Albany  Diocese which has been less than  supportive of the   actions of General Convention over the past several years. Integrity, which has not had  a  real presence in  the Diocese of Albany is beginning to reactivate  in small ways through the Congregational Circle at St Andrews  as well as  building  a network through email and Facebook  for other LGBT  members of the Diocese and supportive allies. At the recent meeting  we viewed portions of the  Integrity Eucharist  at General Convention  in particular  The Rev. Susan Russell's  comments and the  Sermon by  Bishop Barbara Harris.  Although the attendance was small, we were glad to see  new faces from other parishes  as well as make connections to  further the work of  Albany Integrity in a Diocese that  does not support  LGBT  Episcopalians. We hope to  connect with other  Integrity groups in the  Northeast through  networking and  Facebook.

Richard Angelo
Albany  Integrrity Coordinator

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