Tuesday, January 19, 2010

DO YOUR PART: Give Generously to ERD's HAITI Relief

Integrity's Board of Directors urges Integrity members to join the Rev. Lauren Stanley, Episcopal missionary to Haiti, in her plea to help those suffering from last week's devastating earthquake.

"God has always done God's part and the Episcopal Church of Haiti has always done its part" for that last 150 years, forming Christians, teaching the children of the country, healing the sick, aiding the hungry and thirsty, helping the lame to walk by way of prosthetic limbs, she said."And we are prepared to do our part again and what we ask of [U.S.-based Episcopalians] is that they do their part because we are brothers and sisters in Christ, related not by the blood of our birth, but by the waters of our baptism," said Stanley

Episcopal Relief & Development has said that, at this point in the relief effort, monetary donations are the best way for most individuals to partner with Haitians. Independent volunteer travel to Haiti is being discouraged for the foreseeable future given the country's instability.
To donate to Episcopal Relief & Development go to
www.er-d.org/donate-select.php; call the agency at 1-800-334-7626 ext.5129, or mail a gift to Episcopal Relief & Development, PO Box 7058, Merrifield, VA 22116-7058. Please write "Haiti Fund" in the memo of all checks.

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