Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homophobia Still a Huge Issue at Notre Dame

From Open Economics.... a blog administered by a group of students and alumni from the University of Notre Dame who are interested in engaging and debating the world of economic phenomena we face, everywhere and everyday.

One of the giant elephants in the room at Notre Dame is that for a campus that espouses social justice and equality, it has not made much progress on creating a sexual orientation-neutral culture on campus. In many ways, it has directly stifled it, by rejecting non-discrimination language intended to welcome homosexuals, and also by repeatedly stonewalling requests for club recognition by AllianceND, Notre Dame’s unofficial gay-straight alliance. Anecdotal reports of homophobia are rampant, and the campus has rightfully earned itself the #5 ranking in Princeton Review’s “Alternative Lifestyle Not an Alternative” list.

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Integrity applauds this group for speaking out!

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