Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Integrity Board News

Integrity's Board of Directors met in Pasadena, CA. from January 14th thru the 16th at All Saints Church.

Front row: David Norgard & Albert Ogle

Back row: David Cupps, Neil Houghton, Louise Brooks & Gretchen Renfro

The Board worked very long and hard and adopted a new strategic plan which is designed to take the victories from General Convention 2009 and make them a reality in each and every diocese in the church.

Other big news was from Integrity Vice President of Local Affairs, Neil Houghton (upper right) as he reported back from his trip to visit Integrity Puget Sound on his way to Pasadena. Neil has joined the blogoshere with the creation of his new blog: Many Things to Say. You can read detailed versions on his trip there but he wished to share some of his story with Walking With Integrity.

Above the Integrity Puget Sound group that gathered to meet with Neil.

Neil joined the group in a review of what is happening now, a thorough look at the group's goal goals and then they began to prioritize how mission is put into action.

The meeting was aptly facitiliated by Matt Haines, the Provincial Coordinator of Province VII.

Houghton reported that this Integrity chapter clearly has something to celebrate: their active involvement in Lambert House, a drop-in center for LGBT Youth. They fund meals twice a week. The members spoke of this with a sense of joy in what they are doing and how it involves them in the community.

Part of Neil's plan as Vice President of Local Affairs is to travel to all the provinces and meet with many Integrity chapters throughout the country. To follow more about Neil's plans and travels and musings, be sure to check out his new blog; Many Things to Say.

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