Friday, February 17, 2012

General Convention Fundraising Begins Soon

Integrity USA is bustling with activity as plans are firming up for General Convention 2012 in Indianapolis July 2-12! Please pray for our volunteers and staff in these busy days. Our General Convention theme is Claiming the Promise: Making All Mean All. Building on the successes of the past, we are determined to make the promise of full inclusion in the Episcopal Church more real through passage of the resolution on the blessings of same gender relationships, putting the T in LGBT by supporting resolutions which empower and celebrate the ministry and gifts of transgender people, and making the Episcopal Church a powerful voice for against bullying anywhere, to anyone.

You can guess that these efforts will cost money – no surprise! Our fund raising goal for the campaign is $110,000 – funds that will pay for everything from a volunteer team of approximately 30 people, travel stipends, production costs for the Integrity Eucharist, a daily IntegriTV show to recap actions at GC, to booth rentals and material costs. Here is a heads up that the campaign to raise these funds will begin in earnest early in March.

 Watch this space for information about ways you can be involved in claiming the promise to full and equal claim to all the rights and sacraments of the church. Please prayerfully consider the most generous contribution you can make to the campaign. If we can make our goal, this year we will see the fruition of work many of you have given a lifetime to – if we have the resources to do so. We can't do it without your help.

 -- Harry Knox, Interim Executive Director

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