Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Making a faith-based case for marriage equality

As the arc of history continues to bend toward justice on marriage equality, in New Jersey Bishop Mark Beckwith (Diocese of Newark) joined with Lutheran Bishop E. Roy Riley and Rabbi Matthew Gewirtz to make a compelling "faith-based case for marriage equality" in the Star-Ledger, writing:

"... differing theological notions about the nature of marriage will continue to flourish across our diverse religious landscape. But a state has neither the right nor the competence to promote one of those theological understandings in opposition to others — particularly when doing so deprives some citizens of the rights enjoyed by others."
Although New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vowed to veto any marriage equality bill coming from the legislature, the rising tide is clearly on the side of equality -- and we have an opportunity to join our voices with Bishop Beckwith and others speaking out as people of faith for equality!

So use your voice ... Believe Out Loud!
  • Email Bishop Beckwith and thank him for standing up for equality.
  • Visit the Star-Ledger blog and "share," "like" and comment.
  • And call Governor Chris Christie's office -- 609-292-6000 -- and tell them [a] the reason you're calling rather than using the "contact" page on his website is there no option relating to marriage equality in specific or LGBT issues in general and [b] you urge the governor to stand on the right side of history -- not the Lester Maddox side of history -- on marriage equality.

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