Friday, February 17, 2012

Integrity Vows to Continue Fight for ME in NJ

Integrity USA condemns the actions of Gov. Chris Christie in vetoing Marriage Equality. In doing so, he is overriding the will of the people in the state of New Jersey and allowing discrimination to prevail. 

"While I am disappointed that Governor Christie has chosen to stand on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of fairness, and the wrong side of faith," said The Rev. Jon Richardson, Integrity's Vice President of National Affairs and a New Jersey resident, "I remain hopeful that Marriage Equality will soon be a reality in New Jersey. I am deeply grateful to all of the legislators and faith leaders who have stood up for progress while Governor Christie has chosen politics over fairness. 'Justice for all!' is an American value, a Christian value, and a Family value. Though Governor Christie's values may be different, justice will win in the end."

Integrity thanks the many people of faith and religious leaders who spoke out on behalf of marriage equality during this campaign, including Bishop Mark Beckwith of the Diocese of Newark. While many Integrity members rejoiced last night in the victory, today, they commit to continuing the fight that one day all persons can marry the person they love.

Integrity/Oasis leader Christain Paolino said, "While it comes as no surprise that Governor Christie made good on his promise to veto this bill, it is nonetheless disappointing. As people of faith who believe God loves ALL loving, faithful relationships, we will continue to witness that belief to those around us until justice does indeed roll down like water and all couples in the state are afforded the same rights and responsibilities. We will also go on striving to make our congregations places where such partnerships are blessed and nurtured and our states places where liberty and justice for all really means ALL."

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