Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Claiming the Promise at General Convention

General Convention 2012 is less than 90 days away! Integrity's marching orders are CLAIMING THE PROMISE: Making All Mean ALL!  Since 1976 we have advocated for resolutions that advance full inclusion in the Episcopal Church and in 2012 we will see resolutions become reality.

It is important to you and your community that Integrity claims the promise of full inclusion at General Convention.  Your gift of $100, $250 or $500 will make a crucial difference in our capacity for change this summer.

Here's what Making All Mean ALL looks like:

·         Liturgical blessings for same gender couples throughout the Church.
·         Support for the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music's call for a church wide conversation on marriage — armed with the data of recent states passing marriage equality bills and the number of Episcopalians that affects.
·         Fervent advocacy for full inclusion of our transgender sisters and brothers, including support for a resolution which adds "gender identity" and "gender expression" to the church's non-discrimination canons and release of Voices of Witness 3: Out of the Box – a video and study guide which puts the "T" in LGBT. Out of the Box will be a gift from Integrity to all bishops and deputies. The resource will educate them to vote for resolutions coming forward for transgender equality.
·         Call for a strong church wide response to all aspects of bullying, especially that based on sexual orientation or gender expression.
Here's why MAKING All Mean ALL is important to you:

·         Christine and Linda, Connecticut residents denied marriage by their parish priest, were forced to go to a United Church of Christ pastor to marry them.  How many more stories like this can we let happen? Your donations can change this.

      Carolyn Woodall  recently became the first transgender deacon ordained in the Diocese of San Joaquin.  After a grueling and painful process of seeking acceptance in her diocese, Carolyn finally found a parish that celebrates who she is. How many others are there who don't find this type of welcome? We will lobby at GC12 so that those like Carolyn never again become strangers left at the gate.

          In 2009, one in five high school students reported that they were bullied on school property. In 2010, one in five reported having been cyber-bullied. Christians cannot stand by and allow “the least of these” to be beaten, brutalized and even murdered. Our children are committing suicide rather than choosing to face anti-gay or other negative slurs. People of faith must be a moral compass and say "No more!"  Integrity will partner with other social justice groups to pass resolutions at GC12 which do just that.
Here's what Integrity needs to Make All Mean ALL: $110,000.

We are CLAIMING THE PROMISE that was made to us in 1976. Resolution A069: "Resolved that ... homosexual persons are children of God and have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love and acceptance and pastoral concern and care of the church." We need your gift to help Integrity finally make this resolution a reality at GC12.

Here's where your donation to CLAIMING THE PROMISE goes:

Integrity will mobilize a group of up to 30 volunteers, divided into 5 teams, who will work 24/7. Here's is just some of what they will do:
·         Track, research and influence legislation through committees and coming from the floor.
·         Resource Integrity and other social justice partners from our Nerve Center.
·         Inform and educate the 10,000 attendees who will visit our Integrity booth.
·         Produce a multi-platform communications effort, including a nightly wrap-up on IntegriTV.
·         Offer a historic Integrity Eucharist.
·         Honor our founder Dr. Louie Crew (please consider a gift in his name).
Other costs include travel & hotel expenses, rental fees for our Booth and offices, LiveStreaming the Integrity Eucharist, and producing a daily edition of IntegriTv.

$    $110,000 is an ambitious goal for a small organization with few staff resources.  The Holy Spirit has already christened our CLAIMING THE PROMISE campaign with donations and pledges of over $10,000. It will be a true blessing if we can raise our goal early this spring so that we can spend our time preparing for the most successful General Convention ever.

Thank you for the lifetime of  support, work, money, and personal influence that you have given to Making All Mean ALL in the Episcopal Church. Much of your hard work will come to fruition this July – if we have the resources we need. Please stand with us again and give as generously as you possibly can.

Click here to make a donation. No donation is too big or too small.

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