Friday, April 6, 2012

An Easter Message From Rev. Harry Knox

Dear Integrity Members and Friends,

On this Good Friday, we at Integrity stand before the cross reflecting on the sacrifice Christ made for us - and on our call to take up our ministry as the Body of Christ in the world. Integrity was born in response to that call. Our strength was forged in the risk-taking of those like founder Louie Crew and in the Christ-like truth telling -- even in the face of giving up security, vocation and livelihood.  That strength expanded in the dark days of the height of the AIDS Pandemic when it seemed most time was spent by sickbeds and in graveyards. But that was where Jesus would be, so that is where Integrity was.  And Integrity was never alone.  We were always accompanied by the One Who knew the way to Golgotha.

It has been a long journey - and we have spent a good portion of our recent history in a sort of suspended Holy Saturday. It has been a time of working and waiting knowing Easter is coming --  but knowing also that the full fruition of our dreams of equality had not yet arrived.  Many of you who will receive this message have walked the path of prayerful patience with us.  Sometimes the way has seemed labyrinthine, but you have been persistent and in so doing, you have strengthened Integrity even more.

Now in 2012, the Easter dawn is breaking before us. Next week we will return to preparing for General Convention 2012, where we will work to make real the promise of full inclusion, freedom and proud witness of welcome.  The bright future we see before us is the grand result of the gifts of time, talent and resources you have made over and over again on our journey together.

The Board of Directors and Staff of Integrity wish you the happiest of Easters; bright with hope, reborn with vigor, and warmed with God’s boundless love.   Together we are making the Reign of God apparent.  Thank you and God bless.


Rev. Harry Knox
Interim Executive Director
Integrity USA
2479 Plum Orchard Rd
Clayton, GA 30525-3232
(832) 341-3926 cell

Rev. Harry Knox is the Interim Executive Director of Integrity USA.

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