Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Letter of GC Deputies of Hawai'i

March 7, 2007

To: The House of Bishops meeting on March 16, 2007
From: The Deputation of the Diocese of Hawai`i

At a March 6 meeting of the deputation of the Diocese of Hawai`i, the Deputies voted to request that the House of Bishops consider seriously taking the following actions as it responds to statements and communications coming out of the primates' meeting in Tanzania:

* Acknowledge receipt of communications from primates and other Communion-wide groups, but do not respond to any ultimatums or commands

* Do not violate the Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church in spirit or in fact

* Do not agree to any suggestion that subverts the autonomy of The Episcopal Church, e.g., the suggested form of a Primatial Vicar and Pastoral Council to whom the Primatial Vicar would be accountable

* Remember that the so-called instruments of unity have no authority over any province, including The Episcopal Church

* Insist that provinces are treated equitably regarding the Windsor Report and subsequent reports, rather than allowing pressure to be put on only The Episcopal Church

* Stay the course; do not sacrifice the autonomy of the Episcopal Church, nor the breadth and depth of Anglican theological inquiry as framed in Hooker's Of Ecclesiastical Polity and Resolution II of the Lambeth Conference of 1888.

Respectfully and faithfully,

Darrow Aiona c1
Elizabeth Zivanov c2
Morley Frech c3
Alison Dingley c4
Carol Arney c5
Ryan Kusumoto l1
Keane Akao l2
John Decker l3
Bettye Jo Harris l4
Beverly Amjadi l5

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