Friday, March 30, 2007

No schism among local Episcopal churches

As the rift over homosexuality splits the worldwide Anglican Communion to the brink of schism, that is not the case in Montclair [NJ].

The global divide has not fractured the wing of the Episcopal Church in the township, where religious leaders are keeping sanctuary doors open to the gay and lesbian community.

"All the Episcopal parishes in Montclair invite gay and lesbian people who are seeking to know God in Christ to come and be a part of the parish,' the Rev. John Perris, rector of St. James Episcopal Church, said last Thursday, two days after The House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church USA acted to reject primates’ demands and affirm their support of gay clergy and religious leaders.

"I think that the position that our bishops took is a position for the gospel, which is that we are saved by grace and God loves everyone," said the Rev. Diana Clark, rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church on Montclair Avenue...

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Lauren Gough said...

The reason there is no schism in the churchs of Monclaire is because the issue of homosexuality was addressed years ago by a bishop and clergy head on. Ministry to the LGBT community was undertaken by the whole of the diocese and a safe place was made for all. This does not mean that "the liberal cause" was taken up by the whole of the Diocese of Newark, but the issue was seen as a justice issue rather than a moral issue. Good scientific data was made available and gays and lesbians were a part of the discussion.

Where much of the conflict occurs in the church is where there has not been safe places for people to express clearly their faith committment in the light of their sexuality.