Sunday, March 11, 2007

Statement from Changing Attitude Scotland Regarding the Primates' Communique

Changing Attitude Scotland welcomes the opportunity to respond to the recent Communiqué from the Anglican Primates issued in Tanzania.

In particular, we welcome:
  • the news that the Listening Process is making progress in some provinces and we affirm the urgent need for a process of listening to the experience of lesbian and gay people, to begin in the Scottish Episcopal Church.

  • the fact that the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church has gone on record as saying that our College of Bishops believes that the US based Episcopal Church has already made an adequate response to the requests made of it by the Windsor Report.

However, we are saddened that:
  • notwithstanding their commitment to listen, the Primates did not take the opportunity to meet with any openly gay or lesbian people during their meeting, even though they were happy to meet with those who are opposed to the inclusion of gay and lesbian people in the church.

  • the Anglican Communion has been broken by the actions of those Primates who refused to receive communion during the duration of the Primates' Meeting

  • the final communiqué has presented an unreasonable ultimatum to the US based Episcopal Church.

  • the communique has nothing to say to condemn the actions of the Church of Nigeria in its support of proposals to criminalize gay and lesbian people in Nigeria.

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