Friday, April 20, 2007

Christians Celebrate Religious Diversity

On Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2007, Christian churches across the United States and beyond are dedicating their worship to a celebration of our interfaith world. Progressive Christians thank God for religious diversity! We don’t claim that our religion is superior to all others. We can grow closer to God and deeper in compassion—and we can understand our own traditions better—through a greater awareness of the world’s religions. Sponsored by The Center for Progressive Christianity - Pluralism Sunday, initiated by The Center for Progressive Christianity, will be promoted through our network of churches and other faith communities. Pluralism Sunday is co-sponsored by The Institute for Progressive Christianity, The Network of Spiritual Progressives, and CrossWalkAmerica. We are asking that churches interested in participating email our Pluralism Sunday Coordinator, Rev. Jim Burklo, with your name, your church and denomination, mailing address, and church website address. An Outreach Opportunity for Progressive Churches - Participating churches will be profiled in TCPC’s publicity releases, creating an evangelism opportunity for your congregation. The number of people looking on the TCPC website for churches like yours is topping 40,000 per month these days!

We believe Pluralism Sunday is an opportunity for progressive churches to reach some of the many people who are turned off by Christianity because of exclusivist claims some Christians make about it.

Also, email Jim with your ideas and your plans so that we can share them with the community.

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John Clinton Bradley said...

Our neighbors over at Stand Firm are having a wonderful time with this post. I especially like this comment...

Once we’ve broken off from these heretics, we need to be a bit more free handed with disciplining people teaching apostasy. This flagrant attempt to desecrate the day of Pentecost is grounds for excommunication in any sane church!

Sound like nostalgia for the Holy Inquisition and burning heretics at the stake!