Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Clock in for Equality

Integrity is a participating organization in Lambda Legal's campaign, "Clock in for Equality." This May 15th, people across the country will participate and we hope you will to.

It is anticipated that by the time this day arrives that ENDA (Employment on-Discrimination Act) Legislation will be introduced on the House and Senate floors. HRC and Lambda Legal are working together to move the legislation and to promote it through "Clock in for Equality."
This is a great opportunity for local chapters and local leaders to join with parishes and other church leaders to promote ENDA. This legislation has been endorsed by The Episcopal Church and many other mainline denominations.

Here's what you can do:

  • Contact other local leaders or arrange an event. Go to the Lambda Legal website for ideas.

  • Tell your stories about why this legislation is important. You can do this at the Lambda Legal website.

  • Connect with other local groups and individuals to make them aware or ask what they are doing.

  • Go to the Lambda Legal website for free buttons and stickers. (Do this
    quickly so they will arrive in time--NO LATER THAN NEXT WEDNESDAY,
    APRIL 18)
Questions? Comments? Contact Neil Houghton, Northeast Regional VP <IntegrityNEVP@mac.com>, Integrity contact for Clock in for Equality.

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