Thursday, April 12, 2007

Gay bishop speaks in favor of N.H. civil unions

The Advoate
April 12, 2007

V. Gene Robinson, the Episcopal Church's sole openly gay bishop, added his voice to New Hampshire's civil unions debate, saying legalizing same-sex unions doesn't threaten religion or families.

Robinson testified at a state senate hearing on civil unions, which passed the house last week. He said he went to the legislature as a religious leader and a New Hampshire citizen seeking equality for himself and his partner of nearly 20 years.

"What we seek in the civil realm is the equal treatment by the state government in supporting this development of our relationship with the legal, financial, and societal underpinnings which are afforded married couples at the very moment they say 'I do,' " he said.


"Would that we could get all heterosexual couples to take these commitments and responsibilities so seriously," he said.


"This legislation simply has nothing do to with religious bodies and their affirmation or rejection of such unions in the civil realm," he said.

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