Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My day with the Archbishop of Canterbury

Wednesday, April 18

So what is the Archbishop of Canterbury doing at a Roman Catholic monastery, anyway?

Sounds a little like the plot for a Monty Python movie, but that was my assignment Tuesday.

Offered the chance to stake out the spiritual head of the 77-million-strong worldwide Anglican Communion, I couldn't say no.

After all, I'm Anglican. I'm nosy. Most important, I just hate taking no for an answer.


Faintly, over the roar of the falls I could hear music in the distance.

As we walked toward the front gate, we discovered three people - a woman and two priests - singing.

I had half-expected demonstrators of some kind to be camped out in hopes of catching the attention of church authorities. These folks had travelled from the United States to pray for those attending the meeting, and to give thanks that the day previous, Williams had announced he plans to visit the church in that country.

"We're not here to protest," said Rev. William Wipfler, a retired priest from West Seneca, N.Y. "We're here to offer our prayerful support."

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michael.hartney said...

The Reporter was baptized at Saint Martin-in-the Fields, Grand Island, NY. A very nice gentleman and with an appropriate irreverence for Church shananigans.