Friday, August 1, 2008

"No idea" consecration of gay bishop would cause such a stir

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The Anglican Church of Canada

"No idea" consecration of gay bishop would cause such a stir 'Reflections'
document captures various emotions

Marites N. Sison
Staff writer

Canterbury, England
Some bishops of The Episcopal Church in the U.S. have apologized to bishops
with more conservative views on homosexuality, saying they had "no idea"
that their church's consecration of a gay bishop in the diocese of New
Hampshire "had caused such a negative impact in many parts of the

The apologies were extended on Thursday in some groups called indaba (from
the Zulu word for 'purposeful communication'), when bishops discussed the
issue of human sexuality, an issue which has caused bitter conflict among
Anglicans worldwide.

The draft document on the conference's reflections also said that "although
there has been a great appreciation of one to one conversation, there is the
need to develop further trust in the relationships that have started here."

The draft document, copies of which were released to the media, contains
diverse views on sexuality and how best to handle the differences that have
driven Anglicans apart.

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