Thursday, August 21, 2008

REMINDER: Last Chance To Attend Inclusion Activism Workshop!

Dear Integrity members & friends:

What's Inclusion Activism? Integrity President Susan Russell describes the workshop curriculum as, "how the church works and how to work the church."

Did watching and waiting while bishops at Lambeth conferred about the future of the Episcopal Church (and perhaps your place within it) leave you feeling frustrated and more than usually disempowered?

Claiming the Blessing [CTB] and IntegrityUSA offer LGBT folks and LGBT-friends—lay and clerical, old-timers and the newly energized—a chance to learn how to practice Inclusion Activism. On September 12-13, we'll be holding the last of our current series of workshops in
Minneapolis at St. Mark's Cathedral.

The trainers are the Rev. Cynthia Black of Kalamazoo and Katie Sherrod of Fort Worth—just returned from the Lambeth Conference—where they worked on behalf of an international coalition that included CTB and Integrity. Katie edited The Lambeth Witness, while Cynthia shot video for The Gene Pool. The two also are the producers of the film Voices of Witness: Africa successfully previewed at Lambeth.

There is no tuition charge for the workshop—and participants will be well fed by us! You do have to cover your own travel and lodging expenses. Some scholarship help is available.

This will be your last chance to participate in one of these workshops before General Convention 2009. Visit for a full agenda. If you are interested in attending or need more information before making a decision, please contact me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jan Adams
CTB Field Organizer

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