Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Letter to the Editor

On today's Los Angeles Times "Letters to the Editor" page:

Re "Bishops in state oppose Prop. 8," Sept. 11

I was delighted to read that the Episcopal bishops took such a strong stand against Proposition 8. I believe that it is crucial as we approach this important election for people of faith to stand up and oppose this effort to take constitutionally guaranteed rights away from Californians who happen to be gay or lesbian. To do anything less would be to reduce our cherished "liberty and justice for all" to "liberty and justice for some."

Freedom of religion in this great country of ours protects the state from dictating to me, as an Episcopal priest, how I exercise my ministry. It is equally important that freedom from religion protect our Constitution from those who would write their theology into it.

The Rev. SusanRussell

The writer is the senior associate for parish life at All Saints Episcopal Church.

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