Friday, September 26, 2008

Phoning for marriage equality

Last night I joined other volunteers making phone calls to undecided voters, urging them to vote NO on Prop. 8 -- the initiative that would eliminate marriage for same-sex couples in California.

Over a two hour period, I called about 60 people, talked to ten or so, and found five who would promise to vote NO on Prop. 8. That's five more that the campaign didn't know about before last night.

Nobody yelled at me, though some clearly didn't want to talk. Some did want to talk -- at one number I called, the named voter had gone off to college, but his father proudly assured me that everyone there, not only the young son, would be voting to preserve marriage equality.

The campaign has good training materials -- you don't have to make up what to say; you can just follow the scripts. They work.

Here in California, we have a good chance to win this vote. Majorities seem to believe in fairness for all.

But the campaign needs people to help. Visit No on Prop. 8, do fill in the sign up form, and get involved.

The opponents of same-sex marriage have raised millions for their advertising campaign. We need to do our best to match them. Folks who are out of state can help by making a donation through the same website.

--Jan Adams, Claiming the Blessing/Integrity field organizer

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

Good, thanks for sharing your experience...I always learn so much when one shares their actual experience(s)...the stuff that reality (good and bad) and the possibilities for REAL change are made of.

Best to you in all that you do,

Leonardo Ricardo