Sunday, September 21, 2008

We are all for marriage - right?

While Prop 8 in California is receiving most of the attention by LGBT activists this election season, another ballot box battle for equality is being fought in Arizona. Bishop Kirk S. Smith is to be commended for speaking out against Prop 102 in his weekly E-pistle. Here's an excerpt...

I do wish the supporters of Prop 102 would be honest about their goal instead of bombarding us with misleading ads showing happy family outings and children romping on the playground, implying that such things are somehow endangered by two people of the same sex being in love and wanting to spend their life together.

No matter what you might think about the acceptability of gay/lesbian unions, the way this issue is being presented is really a matter of equal protection under the law, and more important for some of us Christians, whether we are going to "respect the dignity of every human being," as we say in our baptismal vows.


So, I am going join with the League of Women Voters, the mayors of both Phoenix and Tucson, and civil rights groups, and AGAIN say no to this effort to define the family and decide who is welcome in our state and who is not. In my church, all are welcome.

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