Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Witness For 13 April 2009

The Weekly Witness is a little late because of the Holy Triduum. Happy Easter!

Slate Finalized

The Nominating Committee has finalized the list of candidates for the election that will be held during May. They are...

David Norgard

Secretary/Director Of Communications
Louise Brooks

Michael Cudney
David Cupps

Vice-President For National Affairs
Ian Chamberlin
Albert Ogle

Vice-President For Local Affairs
Neil D. Houghton

Stakeholders Council Chairperson
Joshua Blackwood

Stakeholders Council Vice-Chairperson
Gretchen Renfro
Mark Dexheimer Trujillo

Province 1 Coordinator
Sara Hamlen
Margaret Lias

Province 2 Coordinator
Chap James Day

Province 3 Coordinator
Mimi Walters

Province 4 Coordinator
Keith Bliven
Paul F. Hanson

Province 5 Coordinator
Deniray Mueller

Province 6 Coordinator
Gretchen R. Naugle

Province 7 Coordinator
Susan McCann

Province 8 Coordinator
Matt Haines

Biographies of each candidate will soon be available online. Contrary to earlier reports, the election will be held by mail rather than electronically. If your dues are current, you should receive a paper ballot about May 1st. Marked ballots must be postmarked by May 30th. If your dues are NOT current, visit to renew online.

Reaching Out To Deputies At Provincial Synods

Jan Adams, who is Integrity's field organizer, has been busy arranging informal meeting for LGBT-friendly deputies to be held in conjunction with spring provincial synods. We're trying to get our friends together prior to General Convention to meet each other and to hear about Integrity goals for Anaheim. A representative from Integrity or the Claiming the Blessing steering committee will be present at each meeting to talk with deputies about our plans. We'll also be sharing the wider justice platform from The Consultation.

The schedule for these meetings as we know them thus far is this:

Province I: over breakfast, Saturday morning, April 25: invitations from the Rev. Thomas Brown of Vermont and the Rev. William Exner of New Hampshire; John Clinton Bradley will attend for Integrity.

Province II: the evening of Thursday, May 7 at 9:15 pm at the hotel. Louie Crew and Nell Gibson issued the invitations; John Clinton Bradley will attend for Integrity.

Province III: the evening of April 26 around 7:30 pm at the host hotel. The Rev. Mark Harris and Eddie Vance issued the invitations; John Clinton Bradley will attend for Integrity.

Province V: the evening of May 4, 8:00 pm at the host hotel. Herb Gunn and the Rev. Elizabeth Morris Downie issued the invitations. The Rev. Cynthia Black will attend for Claiming the Blessing/Integrity.

Province VII: approximately from noon to 1 pm on Saturday, May 2 at St. Michaels and All Angels Church where the synod will have concluded. Margaret Heckendorn and Katie Sherrod issued the invitations. Fred Ellis will attend for Integrity.

Gatherings for Province IV and Province VI are not yet scheduled as those meeting are in early June.

Unblogged News

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